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Semi Kaplan water turbine

turbina wodna semi Kaplana / semi Kaplan water turbine

We invite you to watch the movie on our new YouTube channel. The video shows a semi Kaplan water turbine in a vertical configuration.




The semi Kaplan turbine presented in the film is an innovative product from WODEL. It is a new concept of a water turbine, which replaces with one turbine shape various flow channel designs (tubular and conventional) required in hydrotechnical facilities.
The versatility of the shapes of the turbine channels enables the adaptive use of the same form in various installation concepts.
The exclusion of the shaft from the flow channels allows for easy control of the operation of the bearings and the main seal.
The advantageous creation of the velocity field in the flow channels of the turbine allows for the full reception of the energy of the stream, leading to high efficiencies, impossible to achieve in other tubular turbines with curved flow channels.

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