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MEW SHP Dobroszow Mała Elektrownia Wodna budowa
Intensive work is underway on the construction of the Small Hydroelectric Power Plant in Dobroszów Wielki. The new SHP, which is being built on the Bóbr River, will produce an estimated 6,000 MWh per year. This will reduce the emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere, especially carbon dioxide causing the greenhouse effect, by as much as 6,600 tons per year!
SHP Dobroszów
Within a year, the Small Hydroelectric Power Plant will be built in Dobroszów Wielki on the Bóbr River, which will produce an estimated 6000 MWh per year. Works related to this investment started at the beginning of September. Contractors and investors met at the handover of the construction site
turbina wodna semi Kaplana / semi Kaplan water turbine
We invite you to watch the movie on our new YouTube channel. The video shows a semi Kaplan water turbine in a vertical configuration.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAPwxOBE8hQ  
model turbiny
As part of the project POIR.01.02.00-00-0251 / 16 "Development of the technology of a low-slope modular hydroelectric power plant with high energy efficiency and minimal interference in the environment" our specialists developed a model of Kaplan turbine with a rotor diameter of 265. The turbine will be used for laboratory tests. We will carry out an energy test that will allow the most optimal management of watercourses with the lowest levels at low investment costs.
In 2014 WODEL Sp. z o.o. has completed the first stage of the development of the company. As a result of the project: "Bussines development based on the use of technological thought and the introduction of new products and sevices" WODEL expanded the plant to include additional production halls and machine park.

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